Stephan Kloss

Master of Arts in Multimedia | Multimedia and Sound Designer | Developer of Creative Applications


The developer, artist and musician studied Multimedia Design in Halle (Germany) is contiously working on hybrid applications between sound creation and multi-sensual interaction.

Graduation as Master of Arts in Multimedia Design at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art Halle | Work: Mutant - Multiperspective Music | Collaborative Music Application

Founding of Ectoplastic UG (Laboratory for Interactive Audiovisual Productions) together with Jakob Gruhl. Supported by european scolarship "egoStart" (ESF). | Work: Mazetools Soniface | Audiovisual Music Creation Application

07/ 2015
Graduation as Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia|VR- Design at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art Halle
Work: Echo - Elapsing Time

06 / 2012 — 09 / 2014
Prototyp Developement of "Your History"; Hallisches Institut für Medien an der MLU Halle-Wittenberg e. V.

 06 / 1985
Born in Bautzen


"Mutant - Multiperspective Music" - Winner of Giebichenstein Design Award in the cathegory "Most interesting Experiment"

Additional Interactive Music Developement in the project "Symphony of Noise" for Prefrontal Cortex and Kloos und Co.

Streaming of Geometric Poetry at Imagine Science Labocine Issue #37 (Aug 7- Sept 2.) "The Poetry of Math" - exploring the layers of meaning and stories behind numbers, patterns, interpretations and associations.

Winner in the cathegory "Acoustic Stories" at Soundcinema Düsseldort | Interactive radioplay "Omyk - A Space Odyssey"

Participation in Motionbank's Coreographic Coding Lab at Kunsthalle Mainz

Workshop about Sound and Motiontracking im IRCAM Paris

AppArtAward in the cathegory "Sound Art" for Mazetools Soniface

Audiovisuelle Performance at the vernissage for the exhibition "Kaleidoskop" at Grassi Museum Leipzig

Live-Visuals for Jojo Mayer at the ceremony of the 100th anniversary of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art | Musik – Jojo Mayer | Code, Design – Stephan Kloß, Christian Zwarg | Idea, Conception – Prof. Anette  Scholz

Animation for Surreal Machines – Dub Machines Trailer | Music by Jouni @ oLLiLaboratories; Animation by Stephan Kloß | Edit by Mareike Bode

Nomination for "Best Experimental" of Geometric Poetry at IN THE PALACE - International Film Festival, Screening at further Film Festivals

Musik for “Ending Overfishing” by Ulrich Streckenbach for Ocean 2012 | Sound Design – Marcus Illgenstein | Music – Stephan Kloß | Producer Ocean2012 – Mike Walker | Producer Communications Inc – Olivia Lawson | Producer Ocean201 – Markus Knigge | Voiceover (deutsche Version) –Hilmar Eichhorn
Animago Award 2012 – Best Visualisation; SAE Alumni Award 2011 – Best 3D Animation; Annual Multimedia 2012 – Student Category; Shorts Attack 2011 – Crowd Favourite; Viral Video Award 2011 – Nomination

Music for “Der Bau” (Franz Kafkas) | Film by Almuth Hattwich, Ray Peter Maletzki, Valérie-Françoise Vogt, Johanna Rogan, Rosenpictures; Music and Sound – Stephan Kloß | Screening – Izmir Short Film Festival 2009(Turkey); Screening – Emmentaler Filmtage 2011

Music for “Territory”; Film by Wei Hou (2009)| Music – Stephan Kloß | Sounddesign – Marcus Illgenstein
Innovation Award – Cyber Sousa Award 2009 (China); Best 3D FX Animation – SAE Alumni Award 2010 (Germany); Screening – Izmir Short Film Festival 2009 (Turkey) Screening – Emmentaler Filmtage 2010

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